With over 20 years experience in the concrete industry, creating lasting impressions for customers is our greatest passion.
Concrete has long been associated with being strong, long-lasting, and durable. Now, with the ever growing popularity of decorative concrete, it is considered beautiful and appealing as well.

Decorative concrete is quickly growing in popularity, not only in commercial environments, but in residential as well. We pride ourselves on maintaining the cutting edge in the latest and most innovative equipment, designs, and techniques that the industry has to offer. This enables Sandbothe Concrete Design to bring new and creative ideas to our customer's home or business.

The possibilities for custom indoor or outdoor uses, walkways, or vertical applications is virtually endless! We can show you creative and unique choices for implementing decorative concrete into your indoor or outdoor living or working spaces, or, tell us your "vision" and we can make it a reality that lasts a lifetime. Contact us today!